Calculate complex vector forces easily

The perfect tool, whatever you're doing


  • Analyze expected forces
  • Visualize resultant vectors
  • Test various scenarios and angles


  • Demonstrate anchor forces
  • Show changing forces as resultant moves
  • Analyze students' rigging and plans
  • Show the effect of friction on redirects


  • Analyze system forces
  • Measure angles in the field
  • Get up to date values as angles change


  • Check your working and field math
  • Visualize resultant vectors
  • Test scenarios to reduce peak forces

Versatile enough to handle practically any vector force situation


Even if they are not pulled inline or properly equalized.


Tracking Lines, Skate Blocks, Tyrolean Traverses, etc Tutorial coming soon…

Gin Poles


RigRite shows the effects of pulley friction based on the redirect angle.

A Frames

You can even use RigRite for Tripods!
Tutorial coming soon…

Slope Raise/Lowers

Using RigRite

Getting Started - the basics of using RigRite and the three RigRite diagrams.

Advanced Use - how-to articles, explainations and helpful tips.